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With the development of landscape lighting, high power LED flood light has been widely used. So how can we choose a good high-power floodlight? When buying a high-power flood light, in addition to considering the quality and price, the wattage should also be considered. Even if the price is affordable, which doesn’t mean we have to choose the brightest one.


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If the wattage of the outdoor LED high-power floodlight is too low, the purpose of lighting quantification cannot be achieved. If the selected high-power floodlight has a large wattage, the lighting brightness is too bright, and corresponding problems will occur. I believe many people think, why not good when the brightness is too high? Let me give you a real example.


A high-power LED floodlight was installed in a certain place, with the purpose of lighting up and making it easier for drivers to drive. As a result, the wattage of the high-power floodlight was too high and the brightness was too bright. The driver complained, and said that it was found that the light from the high-power floodlights in the flower bed was above its operating table, and the light was too strong, which affected its inspection of road conditions and was prone to accidents. It is suggested that the relevant departments can lower the height of the high-power floodlights a little to avoid interfering with the driver’s driving vision.


Therefore, the wattage selection is also very particular, and it cannot be too large or too small. If you don’t know what to do when you buy it, you can consult the LED flood light manufacturer, or visit the corresponding area to avoid improper installation of high-power floodlights and affect the lighting effect. High-power floodlights with too high wattage are easy to cause strong contrast between light and dark around them, but are prone to high-pass accidents. This point should be paid attention to.

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Post time: Jul-09-2022