Layout and installation of landscape in ground lights

With the improvement of the quality of life, the landscape at night has become more important as people go to bed later and later. We usually call this landscape lighting.

in ground lights

1. Application


It is mainly arranged in hard pavement lighting facades, lighting trees in lawn areas, etc. It is not suitable to arrange lighting trees and facades in shrub areas, so that the light will form too many shadows and dark areas; when it is arranged in lawn areas, the glass surface should be higher than the lawn surface is 2-3 cm high, so that the water will not soak the glass lamp surface after rain.


2. Selection requirements


(1) Light color


For a livable lighting environment, the natural color temperature range should be 2000-6500K, and the color temperature of the light should be adjusted according to the color of the plants.

in ground landscape lights

(2) Lighting method


Under the premise of not affecting the growth of plants and causing no damage to the planting soil and root system, the trees in the lawn area are illuminated with adjustable-angle buried lights.


The lighting method of the LED ground lights needs to be selected according to the type of the plant to be illuminated. For example, a set of buried lamps should be arranged at the root of the sparsely branched tree, and the narrow light direct irradiation method should be used; the tall tree can be arranged at a distance of about 3m, 1 to 2 sets of polarized buried lamps for lighting; for spherical shrubs, wide-light or astigmatic lamps are arranged for internal penetration; for crown asymmetric trees, a set of adjustable-angle buried lamps are used for lighting.


3. Lighting technology


Lamps installed on hard pavement, if they are not chamfered and the lamp cover is higher than the pavement surface, are prone to stumbling. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an inground uplight with a chamfered lamp cover, and seal the edges of the lamp with waterproof glue or glass glue after the installation is completed.

LED ground lights

4. Glare


All functional underground lights (higher power, lighting facades, plants) need to have anti-glare measures. Such as the installation of light-controlling grilles, adjustable illumination angles of lamps, and the use of asymmetric reflectors in lamps.


All decorative in ground landscape lights (with low power, for guiding and embellishment) need to be frosted on the light-transmitting surface, with a wide beam, and there is no obvious light source feeling when lit.

Post time: Jun-18-2022