How to choose garden lights?

When we choose outdoor garden lights, we must pay attention to some details.


1. General principles


(1) Choose LED garden lights with reasonable light distribution. The light distribution type of lamps should be chosen according to the function and space shape of the lighting place.


(2) Select high-efficiency lamps. Under the condition that the glare binding requirements are satisfied, for the lighting that only meets the visual function, direct light distribution lamps.


(3) Choose lamps that are convenient for maintenance and low cost.​​


(4) In special places with fire or explosion risk and environments such as dust, humidity, vibration and corrosion, lamps that meet the environmental requirements should be selected.​​


(5) When high temperature parts such as the surface of lamps and lamp accessories are close to combustibles, fire protection methods such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be used.


(6) The appearance of lamps should be in harmony with the environment.


(7) Consider the characteristics of the light source and the requirements of building decoration.


(8) The difference between the yard lamp and the street light is not big, mainly the difference in height, material thickness and beauty. The material of the street lamp is thicker and higher, and the yard lamp is more beautiful in appearance.​​


outdoor garden lights 


2. Outdoor lighting places


(1) Under the condition that the glare binding and light distribution requirements are satisfied, the power of flood lighting lamps should not be less than 60.​​


(2) The protection level of outdoor lighting fixtures should not be lower than IP55, the protection level of buried lamps should not be lower than IP67, and the protection level of lamps used in water should not be lower than IP68.​​


(3) LED lights or lamps with single-ended fluorescent lamps as the light source should be selected for general lighting.​​


(4) LED lights or lamps with small diameter fluorescent lamps as the light source should be used for internal light transmission lighting.

Post time: Jun-25-2022