Comparison of LED garden lights and ordinary garden lights

The basic structure of the LED low voltage garden lights is that a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material is placed on a leaded shelf, and then sealed with epoxy resin around it, which protects the inner core wire and has good shock resistance.

LED is a semiconductor diode with a long lifespan. When the luminous flux decays to 30%, its lifetime reaches 30 000h. The lifespan of metal halide lamps is 6000-12000h, and the lifespan of high-pressure sodium lamps is 12000h.

The CRI of white 12V landscape lighting is better than high pressure sodium lamps. The color rendering of white LED garden lights is also much better than high pressure sodium lamps. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only about 20, while LED garden lights can reach 70 to 90.

low voltage garden lights

In the optical system of the luminaire, the luminous flux loss of the LED light source is small. Different from traditional light sources, LED light sources are light sources that emit light in half space: high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps are light sources that emit light in full space, and need to change the outgoing light from one half space by 180” and project it into the other half space. When relying on reflectors, the absorption of light by the reflector and the blocking of the light source itself are inevitable. With LED light source, there is no loss in this respect, and the utilization rate of light is higher.

The LED light source does not contain harmful metal mercury and will not harm the environment after being scrapped.

The solar LED garden light has various characteristics of both solar energy and semiconductor LED. It is mainly composed of LED light source, solar panel, solar battery module, maintenance-free green battery, controller, light pole and lampshade and other accessories. The power supply is independent during the installation process, so there is no need to pre-embed cables, thereby saving investment in transformers, power distribution cabinets and cables. And it is environmentally friendly and beautiful, easy to install and safe.

12V landscape lighting

Although the current cost of solar LED garden lights is higher than that of ordinary lights, the installation is convenient, and there is no need to pay electricity bills in the future, and the operation and maintenance costs are low.

Post time: Jun-18-2022