Landscape lighting design, illuminate the beauty of the garden

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Landscape light design is to create a more suitable environment and artistic conception through lighting layout, light and shadow effect design in the garden at night. Its purpose is to enhance the recognition of objects, create an atmosphere of the environment, improve the safety of night travel, and ensure the normal development of residents' evening activities. Therefore, the most basic requirement of landscape lighting design is to ensure the safety of tourists. The specific standard is to be able to clearly identify the direction and scenery in the park, and to carry out various leisure and entertainment activities on this basis.

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In order to improve the landscape quality and create a unique night garden landscape, on the premise of meeting the above requirements, landscape lamps with beautiful shapes and soft colors are usually selected in the design process to make them blend in with the surrounding scenery. The main content includes making roads, sites, waterscapes, plants, statues and buildings in the scenic spot to obtain good visual effects according to the visual requirement

Garden landscape lighting design is an important way to adjust the atmosphere and beautify the environment. In the lighting design process, in addition to using lights to connect lines according to the outline of the courtyard, and then use lines to bring surfaces, and use the lighting layout to outline the beauty of the courtyard, it is generally necessary to focus on the following areas:

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1. Water view

The water feature is generally the finishing touch of the courtyard, occupying the best viewing spot in the courtyard. The lighting design should activate its visual effect with flowing and flickering lights, and implant music along with the sound of water flow to create a dreamy space.

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2. Steps

Steps bear the dual attributes of function and artistic lighting in the courtyard lighting design. There are many forms and arrangement methods of step lights. The step lights can be embedded in the side wall, or inlaid on the side or facade of the steps to illuminate the steps. It is convenient to walk while setting off the atmosphere of the courtyard.

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3. Rockery, statue

The images of rockeries and statues in the night are often hard and cold, but good lighting design can make this cold glow with a different brilliance. The embellishment and rendering of the right amount of light brings a strong contrast effect, and the rocks instantly evolve into Garden logo.

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4. Green plant

Take advantage of the growth situation of plants, install decorative lights of different sizes, and let the lights illuminate the beautiful flowers, plants and trees. Difference can also create a beautiful view for the garden at night. Through the contrast of light and dark, it can highlight the most ornamental landscape and catch people's attention.

Post time: May-23-2022